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Posted by Stefan Loeners on January 14, 2004 at 13:53:46:

In Reply to: Re: paste contents of clipboard into external app posted by webmaster Guido on January 13, 2004 at 17:11:22:

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am trying to paste special characters from a Delphi app into an external application. Let's take German characters and MS Word as an example.
Here is what I want to do. I am writing in Word and I need for example a German character (which is not on my keyboard). I call my Delphi utility, which contains all German characters. I select the character I need. This is then put in RAM using the copytoclipboard function. My Delphi utility then brings Word back into focus (using a Sendkeys function). At this moment I am back in Word. So far, it works.
What I want is my Delphi utility to paste that character from RAM into Word (without having to press CTRL-V). My guess is that, if this can be achieved at all, I need to use a Windows API call.
I hope this explanation clarifies the situation a bit. Thanks for your help.

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