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Posted by webmaster Guido on August 26, 2000 at 16:14:20:

In Reply to: Scope PLZ posted by CodingJoe on August 24, 2000 at 02:30:53:

: I declared some variables and functions at main file( .dpr one) of an application, but when i try to use/access them Delphi says "Undentified......". From unit to unit i just have to type "uses Unit2", for example. What i have to do in this situation???
Well, repeating this "uses" is the _normal_ way to work in Delphi. A useful approach: put common functions, procedures, type declarations, variables,... all "general" stuff, in a separate "utility" unit. Then, put that utility unit in the "uses" section of the other units that need that stuff. After all, that's what Delphi does automatically for its own stuff: just look at the USES line of any unit that goes with a form :)

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