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Posted by webmaster Guido on August 26, 2000 at 16:03:56:

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: : How to use a small gif as the background picture on Delphi app.'s form?
: If i want to use a small picture(bmp.,gif.,etc.)as a background, i make its alignment AllClient but than the pic become sawful. How to use a pic. as a background?
You probably want to repeat the picture so as to fill the entire form, "tile" the image (correct me if I'm wrong). This can not be done automatically by setting a property, you have to program it. I think there are some components available on the web that do this for you. If you want to program it yourself:
1) Put one image top left on the form (coordinates 0, 0)
2) Each time that the form is "painted", your program must calculate if the entire surface is covered with images and if necessary, create additional images. You do this in the "OnPaint" event.
I'll put a small example program in our Code Snips section a.s.a.p., since more people have asked for this already.

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