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Posted by Gary Wakerley on December 30, 2003 at 16:38:04:

In Reply to: Re: Application permissions posted by webmaster Guido on December 29, 2003 at 19:46:01:

: : I have developed an application that works fine when I use it with administration privileges. When I deploy it to user it does not work. When I use runas with administrator rights it is ok.
: : Any help would be appreciated
: : Regards
: : Gary
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: This indicates that the program wants to access something that the "user" is not allowed to, such as accessing a part of the network, a folder, reading or writing a file,...

: The best approach is working step by step: what is the user not allowed to do that might block the program?
: 1. Go through the code of your app and make a list of what it is accessing: which data files is it reading? writing? where are these files located? are you reading/modifying the registry?...
: 2. Next, try as "user" to access these data manually via Windows Explorer: find out if you can read and/ or write these files. Write access: can you overwrite them with something else?
: 3. Next, give the user the rights to access all that is needed for the app. Probably this will be a process of trial and error.
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: Another approach might be to disable big parts of the code, until it works; put parts between comment characters like this:

: (* This part is disabled for debugging
: code...
: code...
: code...
: *)

: When the app works for a "user", re-enable smaller parts of the code, until you find what access is causing the problem. Finally, give the user extra privileges.

Hi Guido

Thanks for your help. I am using a dll for storing external functions which are reuseable. I think this is the problem area. Can you think why this will not work?

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