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Posted by webmaster Guido on December 13, 2003

In Reply to: Where I can find DELPHI compiler posted by Midhat Sarajlic ID: p12351 on December 10, 2003:

: Hallo,
: Where I can find DELPHI compiler or DELPHI studio
: like "MS Visual Basic Studio" (The Software Tools for development Delpi applications)???

You can buy Delphi directly from Borland's site, at most software shops, and even from Amazon. The price for Delphi 7 Personal is around $100, other versions are a lot more expensive.

There used to be a free version, "Delphi 6 Personal", almost identical to Delphi 7 Personal, but it isn't distributed anymore by Borland. Maybe you still can find it somewhere for free.

Since lots of people switched to a newer version of Delphi, there must be thousands of older Delphi's around. Anything up from Delphi 3 and higher is very suitable for learning Delphi!

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