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Posted by bee on August 16, 2000 at 21:11:12:

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: : : How do I hide the application in the background?

: : There's a property for every form called "Visible." You can manipulate it by either setting Form.Visible := True/False or you can just say Form.Show or Form.Hide.

: That works if I use a button, but how do I use it when the application starts so it hides directly? I can't use this code: Form1.Hide; in the OnActivate and OnShow, so how will I do then?

What do you mean by HIDE, because there are three kind of hiding an app methods.
1. Prevent from being shown on taskbar, but the form still can be accessed through visible form on desktop or icon on systray.
2. Prevent from being shown on taskbar nor systray but still shown on process list on "Close Program" dialog box.
3. Or, the real hiding method, the app cannot be accessed through those mentions above. To find the app, you must doing it programatically. This method usually uses by virus programs.

So, which one do you mean ? Because each method has its own way to hide.

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