Re: Yet another TListBox and TOpenDialog problem! :S

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Posted by Joey on November 16, 2003
In Reply to: Re: Yet another TListBox and TOpenDialog problem! :S posted by WAllison on November 16, 2003

Thank you - i realized i made a mistake on the moveselection dat was silly :$

And thank for pointing out that it does come out in an order i should check my stuff thourgly (im turning into microsoft).

But the things add to the list in the wrong order they add backwards :S example say i ahve files 1 - 18 and i select 1 - 18 then they add to my list box as 18 - 1 how can i switch this or....

You gave me loop to copy before how could i run this look the other way round to copy from bottom to top? (the top 1 of re-organizing them would be better)

Thx for all help and sorry to be burden ;-)

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