Yet another TListBox and TOpenDialog problem!

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Posted by Joey on November 15, 2003

I have a 2 questions to ask in this post so:

1. How do i use the .MoveSelected() function as i cant seem to get any thing working :(, i dont know what to put between the bracated to move items up and down.

2. When i have multi-select on in the TOpenDialog and i select items i want it to show up in the files in the order i selected them but it doesnt! It puts it in order of what is first in the folder (my apps designed for this not to happen, its whole purpose). How can i get it so it adds them to my TListBox in the order i selected them not the order they come in the folder??

Thx for any help, and sorry to ask so many questions i just can nvr find the answers to what im looking for ;)

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