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Posted by julianbury on May 15, 2003 at 14:00:20:

Hi y'all :-)

I am new to Delphi and need to know if it can do what I need to do ...
I would like to program Delphi 3 all in text.
Can this be done?
The reason for this is the repetative nature of the layout of the intended form and the manner in which its gadgets must be accessed.
the layout instructions would look something like:-

for y=0 to 15
txtbox(0,y) := CreateTextBox( 0,y*24,100,22);
txtbox(1,y) := CreateTextBox(102,y*24,200,22);
txtbox(2,y) := CreateTextBox(304,y*24,500,22);

I also need to shift the focus from textbox to textbox using the TAB and up/down Cursor Keys.
I need to use an array of textbox IDs.
There are to be 16 rows of 3 text gadgets each.
There will be an array of 3 columns x 256 rows of text data to be displayed and edited, 16 rows being visible in the textboxes. The text will be single-line only.
When the cursor is on the bottom row, the offset will increment with each further Cursor-Down event and all the textboxes must be refreshed from the data array.
Before this occurs, the edited data must be copied into the array.
It is not practical to write to 48 gadgets, addressing them individually as:
Edit1, Edit2, Edit3,
Edit4, Edit5, Edit6,
I need to access them as something like:
and fill them with data in some equivilent of

Have I picked the wrong language?

Thank you for your kind attention :-)


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