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Hello Guys!

I found the solution:

  Clipboard.AsText := StrVar;   // Where StrVar is the name of var you want in clipboard

Copy From Delphi Online Help:

Represents the content of the clipboard as a string.

property AsText: string;


Use the AsText property to place text in and retrieve text from the clipboard. The clipboard must contain a string or an exception occurs. To determine if the clipboard contains a string, pass CF_TEXT to the HasFormat method.


This example uses a button and an edit control on a form. When the user clicks the button, any text on the clipboard is pasted into the edit control. If there is no text on the clipboard, a message box appears.

Note: To use this example, you must add Clipbrd to the uses clause.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  if Clipboard.HasFormat(CF_TEXT) then
    Edit1.Text := Clipboard.AsText
    MessageDlg('There is no text on the Clipboard', mtInformation, [mbOK], 0);

Lennie De Villiers