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Posted by webmaster Guido on May 07, 2003

In Reply to: TWebBrowser: Delphi 7 Personal posted by Joey on May 06, 2003:

: Is it possible to get the TWebBrowser component for the Delphi Personal edition??

: If not it there any veriation components?? OR

: Is it possible to open it as a scroll box or somethings source using any type of shellexecute command...

: OR (Yet Again) is it impossible to exec a Site in a delphi personal application????

From your Delphi app, you can open any file of a "registered" file type, meaning: if Windows "knows" which program to run to open the file. So, you can always open .htm and .html files, .bmp, .txt, .doc because (almost) every Windows system has a program for these files:
- webbrowser: IE Explorer, NetScape,...
- bitmap program: MS Paint,...
- text-editor: Notebook,... and so on...

Have a look in DelphiLand's section "Code Snips" under "Running an external application".

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