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Posted by ste d on March 25, 2003:

My program needs a backup and restore option wherby the database is copied either to floppy or hardisk. Iv got it to copy the program alright but need it so if any changes are made to the database the user can click restore, it replaces the current database with the old database. At the moment im using this code to back up:

copyfile('H:\computing\A2\Major Project\Driving School\DrivingDB1.mdb','H:\computing\A2\Major Project\Driving School\backupdatabase.mdb',false);

and this to restore, but the restore doesnt work

copyfile('H:\computing\A2\Major Project\Driving School\backupdatabase.mdb','H:\computing\A2\Major Project\Driving School\DrivingDB1.mdb',false);

any suggestions???

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