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Posted by webmaster Guido on March 16, 2003

In Reply to: Printing more than 1 page posted by Ste D on March 13, 2003

: Using some bodged code I made I got my tables printing just fine at the moment, but noticed that it only prints the first page, and since I can only fit about 10 records per page its not much good since there’s gonna be loads more any ideas any1??


Calculate the maximal vertical position where you can print, say Ymax.

Keep track of the vertical position, say Y, where you have to print the next record.
Before printing a record: if Y > Ymax then start a new page with Printer.NewPage and print the column headers.
After printing a record, update Y so that it contains the position for the next line to print.

  LineSpacing, BottomMargin, TopMargin, Y, Ymax: integer;
  X1, X2, X3: integer;

  // Calculate or set fixed values for vertical positions
  TopMargin := 300; 
  BottomMargin := 300;
  Ymax := Printer.PageHeight - BottomMargin;
  // Calculate or set fixed values for horizontal positions
  X1 := 200;  // left margin
  X2 := 1000; // start of column 2 
  X3 := ...;  // start of column 3 

  // Print report heading, only on first page 

  Y := TopMargin;
  Printer.Canvas.Font := ...; // Font for report heading
  LineSpacing := Printer.Canvas.TextHeight('X'); 
  // If you want a bigger linespacing, multiply by some factor, e.g.:
  // LineSpacing := Round(LineSpacing * 1.1); 
  Printer.Canvas.TextOut(X1, Y, 'Report Header');
  Y := Y + LineSpacing;
  // ...and more lines if desired

  // Print column headings (repeated on each page)

  Printer.Canvas.Font := ...; // Font for header
  LineSpacing := ...;
  Printer.Canvas.TextOut(X1, Y, 'Field 1');
  Printer.Canvas.TextOut(X2, Y, 'Field 2');
  // ...and so on for more fields
  Y := Y + LineSpacing;

  // Print table data 

  Printer.Canvas.Font := ...; // Font for data lines
  LineSpacing := ...; 
  while not Table1.Eof do begin
    if Y > Ymax then begin
      Y := TopMargin;
      // Print column headings... (see above)
      // Set Font and LineSpacing back to values for data... (see above)
    // Print a record
    Printer.Canvas.TextOut(X1, Y, ...); // field 1
    Printer.Canvas.TextOut(X2, Y, ...); // field 2
    // ...and so on for more fields
    Y := Y + LineSpacing;


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