Dephi 2 limitations

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Posted by Lontek on November 25, 2002 at 18:13:28:

I am new to programming and at this time it is a hobby.
I did not want to rush right out and spend a bunch of money on the newest Delphi version when I am not sure if its what I want in a language yet or even if I will use it all that much (so many unknowns when you are a newbie). I purchased a old copy of Delphi 2 for a reaonable price. Will I be quite limited in what I can do with it? Can I run code from later Delphi versions or from this site?

I read on the net somewhere that from Delphi 2 onward that they all work well with Win32 OS's, is this true?
At this time all this .Net and Web application stuff I probably wouldn't use anyway. I just want a program that I can write win 95,98,NT,2000 .exe's that can call other programs and control the I/O ports on my puter.

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