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Posted by JB ID p12258 on November 24, 2002

In Reply to: Re: Flat Files posted by webmaster Guido on November 21, 2002:

: Before working out a solution, let's make sure that I understand you well:
: 1. Firstly, you want to re-arrange the .txt files so that each line only contains one address.


So, the original files have several addresses per line. How are the addresses separated, by a space, by another character, by several spaces, by space or other characters?

Usually separated by commas

: 2. Do the original files only contain email addresses, or also other info like last name, first name? If yes, does this info have to be copied to the re-arranged files, or only the email addresses?

Just email addresses

: 3. Next, you also want to merge several files into a new list and save that one, possibly under a new name?

Yes, merge/append.

: 4. You want to automatically create a backup of each file, if it is modified and if you save it under the original name?

That is more than I thought, but a good idea if it is merged/appended by accident. Originally, I just wanted to back it up to another folder on the harddrive to keep it safe.

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