Re: Delphi 5 STD Upgrade or 6 Personal?

Posted by Jodell on November 04, 2002

In Reply to: Re: Delphi 5 STD Upgrade or 6 Personal? posted by webmaster Guido on October 02, 2002

: : If I would like more TCP/IP and Web Technology components, should I upgrade to D5 Pro or D6 Personal?
: : I am only programming for a small lan.

If anyone has any good suggestions for TCP/IP, Internet, and Database Components to add to D5 STD, please post them. I have Tory's CD Collection for a database of listings. I have been looking those and there are some good ones. But I am not sure what the best ones are so if you know of ones that are better than others, plase let me know.


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