Re: Delphi 5 STD Upgrade or 6 Personal?

Posted by webmaster Guido on October 02, 2002

In Reply to: Delphi 5 STD Upgrade or 6 Personal? posted by Jodell Bumatai p12258 on October 01, 2002

: If I would like more TCP/IP and Web Technology components, should I upgrade to D5 Pro or D6 Personal?
: I am only programming for a small lan.

The Delphi Personal Editions do not contain any "Internet Components", so D6 Personal and D7 Personal are definitely out. D5 Pro is OK, but it isn't available anymore, Borland is already shipping D7.

Maybe with some luck you find a D5 Pro or D4 Pro somewhere in an old stock. D5 Pro is fine for most TCP/IP stuff. D4 Pro also has "Internet" VCL components, but it's a bit more limited.

Another solution: try a D5 Standard, obtainable almost for free, and add the necessary components yourself. There are some very nice freeware and shareware TCP/IP components.

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