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Posted by Lesley on August 12, 2002 at 02:16:43:

I have just paid a membership fee this morning but need some help now. I am very new to Delphi/Pascal - picking up pascal as I go but have an assignment to hand in within two days and an absolutely stumped.

I want to have an edit box, which actives code when the enter key is pressed. The edit box must have a numerical entry, preceded by either + = * /. I need to check that the entry is valid and if it is, copy the entry to a listbox. If not then display an error message. The next part requires looping through the listbox entries keeping a running total e.g. if the entries in the listbox are +60, -20, *3 then the running total box/label will display 120.

So if someone can offer some advice/assistance and reduce my stress levels, I would be very grateful. I have searched a number of other sites but haven't been very successful


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