passing parameter in Delphi using corba method

Posted by liew kok kiang on March 31, 2000 at 16:10:41:

Good Evening everyone:
I urgently needed some help regarding about passing parameters from the
client side to the server side using Corba method. What happening is I am not
able to modify or set the parameter of the TQuery dataset in the server side
when I pass in the parameter from the TClientDataset in the client side. Here
is the example:

Server side: 1 TDatabase component to connect to oracle database.
1 TQuery dataset to execute query based on the value in the
parameter list. (Presently is null)
1 TDataProvider that connected to TQuery.

Client Side: 1 TClientDataset that connected to the TDataProvider in the
server side with the parameter set to certain value to be passed
to the TQuery dataset that associated with this TDataProvider.
1 DataSource component that connected to this TClientDataSet.
1 TDBgrid that connected to this Datasource to display the result
of TQuery.

Technology used is Corbra and the problem is when the server is running and
the client is connected, the parameter set at TClientDataset is not transmit to
the TQuery at server side and so no query is executed. Please help me as
I have been trying to solve this problem for 3 days and I am new to this
Delphi. Thank you.

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