Re: glitch with XP

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Posted by WAllison on May 10, 2002 at 01:01:51:

In Reply to: glitch with XP posted by theboxteck on May 09, 2002 at 21:23:30:

: Cannot access internet or network shares on my xp boxes after a certain amount of up time. Using SMC 1211 or 3Com NIC's. Can still ip addresses, not computer names. Rebooting fixes the issue for another period of time, not always the same amount of time either.

: Hope someone can help me figure this out. Get back to me at Thanks

Sounds like uv got some old dialup/network/connectivy settings hanging around - make sure by going into Control Panel/Modems - then give them the ol finger - Remove).

u know wot i mean it sounds like an inactivity thing where dial-up connections hang-up.

I've got 3Com 3c905 jobbie and its ukkin spot on!!
wif Win98 SE/Win2000 pro - i've used it under XP Pro (worked fine) but i just hate XP;

Anyway - this is the wrong forum 4 this of thing try CNet Forums.

wot connection u got - u should of said - i take it 4 granted that most dudes av at least 512/128 - - more info - info -info - info.

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