Re: Error in Tutorial? - Part 2

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Posted by webmaster Guido on April 09, 2002 at 17:47:50:

In Reply to: Error in Tutorial? - Part 2 posted by p12221 Robert Burko on March 29, 2002 at 18:43:46:

: Along with my first posting for "Error in Tutorial?", the form unicoen1/unimain.dfm needs to be updated so that BtnVolConvert: TButton and RGVolume: TRadioGroup has an event OnClick. EdVolume: TEdit needs an event set for OnKeyPress. This will create the necessary procedures.

: Also, the comment in ConvertVolumeShow is incorrect. Instead of "Number of decimals depends on selected button in RADIOGROUP RGVolDecimals" it should have RADIOGROUP RGDecimals. There is no radiogroup RGVolDecimals.


Thanks for the remarks. The original idea was to also add a radiogroup for the number of decimals for the volume conversions, and this should have been "RGVolDecimals". Later on, I decided for only one radiogroup, as can be seen in Unicoen2.

As for the missing event-handlers: these are not "errors", it's meant to be that way. In the text of lesson 9, it says: "...and see for yourself: it does absolutely nothing, because you have to fill in most of the coding". See also: my answer to your previous posting.

I 've put improved versions of the files online, both for lesson 9 and Unicoen1 (included in the files and, see our Downloads section).

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