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Posted by mei on March 28, 2002 at 15:24:17:

In Reply to: Multi-Form posted by 120113430152145071-Mitch Stein on March 26, 2002 at 21:35:24:

: Hi i am new to delhpi and jus starting i was wondering if someone would be able to help[ by giving me code for a multi form program just something basic

: like one form with 2 buttons and when you click on a button a new form pops up which has a button on thier that ends the program if some one would be able to do that it would be greatly appreciated
: Thanx
: Mazekwon

You can look in Delphi Help Menu about forms and terminating application or closing a form.
There are many ways to create mulitple forms. For a simple way, just create 2 forms, put the buttons you want on each forms.
To show the 2nd form, double click the button on form1 and type this code:;

On form2, double click the button you put there and type this code to terminate the application:

When you compile, Delphi will ask to put the forms in the uses clauses, just click Yes.
I suggest you read the explanation on the Help menu about each command/method/procedure you use because they might have implications about what you want or not want the application to do.
Good luck.

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