Re: New ButtonsX.pas unit

Posted by Jenny on June 20, 20011

In Reply to Re: Confused the use of Buttons.pas same name but not from VCL posted by Sai Win Aung Win on June 20, 20011

: Actually, I m going to use the ButtonsX.pas for extra properties and functions for TSpeedButton, so in the New Component, My Ancestor should be TButton or TSpeedButton. I tried register both at different times , but the same error showed up.

Maybe start from a new SpeedButtonX.pas, rename all TSpeedButton references to SpeedButtonX and try to register the new component.
When it gives errors, remove other not needed references such as TBitBtn, try again, and again until it works.
Careful: make backups of all the original files before you start :)

Good luck,

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