Re: How to create a insert button?

Posted by Candy on June 14, 20011

In Reply to Re: How to create a insert button? posted by Georges Duchat on May 09, 2007

: : How do i create a insert button for a TDBCtrlGrid?
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: I guess that you want to write an event-handler for a button that inserts a data row into a TDBCtrlGrid.

: Well, a TDBCtrlGrid only *displays* data from a data source. You can't "insert" data rows (records) with this component, you should instead add data to the underlying database "table". How that is done, depends from the type of table you're using: is it a "desktop" table such as Paradox, dBase, Access,...? Or is it a table located on a server (InterBase, or such)?

If the table is Paradox, how can we insert data row by insert button /and not using the navigator/?

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