Posted by Mary Streetland on September 02, 2010


I have always used BDE and want to use ADO instead. However, it's not working yet. What I want to do is import a database from a local drive. I want to import a file that can be found on C:\Project\Input.dbf. How do I make the right connection? Can I do it with just a TADOTable? What do I need to fill in for connectionstring? I just want a simple connection, no passwords of other kind of things.

When I have made the right connection, is the code below appropriate to read it?

  Mainform.Trucktable.Active := false;
  Mainform.Trucktable.TableName := FileName; :=true;
  while not Mainform.TruckTable.eof do begin
    Capacity:=Mainform.Trucktable.FieldByName('Capacit y').AsInteger;
  Mainform.TruckTable.Active := false; 

You would help me a lot, thanks!

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