DBLookupListBox and a RadioGroup

Posted by rita3 on June 04, 2010

Hello to everybody! I need some help. Iím a beginner of Delphi and have big problems with it.
I have an Access database, a DataModule, an ADOConnection, a DataSourse and an ADOTable
And I have a DBLookupListBox and a RadioGroup (should I use a DBRadioGroup?) on my Form. And I want temporarily delete 4th field from the DBLookupListBox in case I checked 2nd item of the RadioGroup and temporarily delete 12th and 15th fields from the DBLookupListBox and back the 4th field in it in case I checked 5th item of the RadioGroup and etc.
And I can use a DBLookupComboBox instead of a DBLookupListBox.

I will appreciate any your help and advices. And excuse my English it isnít very well. Iím from Russia.

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