Re: ShellExecute

Posted by Peter Howes on December 09, 2009

In Reply to Re: ShellExecute posted by Phil Birell p16812 on December 01, 2009

Hi Phil

It is an exe file so I simply double-click it from within windows explorer.


: : Hi

: : I can use ShellExecute to run programs such as NotePad and calculator from within my Delphi4.0 application.

: : However when I try to run other external programs such as a perl batch file to upload files to a server, then the operation fails with the external propgram's window opening and closing quickly. Is this due to a windows (XP) setting, or some other problem?

: : Thanks, Peter
: -----------------------------

: How do you run the perl batch file directly (not from your Delphi app) on your PC? Can you give an example that works, I mean the exact "command" and where/how you give it?

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