mapping names in SQL-DB with that of Delphi4

Posted by vas hallman on September 25, 2009

I have an Delphi 4 application, that extracts data from XLS 2003 sheets (filled Forms ) and inserts into SQL2005 DB .

i have a group of fields in XSL and SQL2005 called
smrBgm167GallonsGross ...

In the Delphi code it is correspondingly called
133, 167 etc....

The words around "smrBgm133GallonsGross, .." i.e
"smrBgm" and "GrossGallons" are concatinated accordingly.

For the above I added a new field called in XSL/SQL called

but in the Delphi it should be numerically as 229 (as per some biz rules)Hence getting an error while inserting and updating data."saying 229 not found"

How to tell the Delphi application....
"if it is " smrBgm167GallonsGrossDA" then consider it as "229"?????????????

Please help!

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