Sourcecode refuses to compile-mysterious error

Posted by laquack on September 16, 2009

Hi,i kindly request your help compiling the following sourcecode


I want to use the DLL in a school project but everytime
i try to compile i get the following errors

[Hint] libClamav.pas(318): Value assigned to 'err' never used
[Hint] libClamav.pas(314): Value assigned to 'LoadClamavDLL' never used
[Error] ClamAVScannerU.pas(11): Undeclared identifier: 'IClamAVScanner'
[Error] ClamAVScannerU.pas(93): Undeclared identifier: 'Class_ClamAVScanner'
[Fatal Error] ClamAVServer.dpr(6): Could not compile used unit 'ClamAVScannerU.pas'

Im new to delphi and not the author of the code and only want to use the compiled DLL
A post with the corrected sourcecode will be great help
Thanx in advance

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