Delphi versus C++Builder

Posted by William on March 11, 2009

In Reply to Is Delphi right for you? posted by Frankie on March 11, 2009

Comparison: CodeGear's Delphi Win32 versus C++Builder

C++Builder is a popular rapid application development environment produced by CodeGear for writing programs in the C++ programming language. It combines the VCL (Visual Component Library) and IDE written in Delphi, with a C++ compiler. The release cycle is such that Delphi gets major enhancements first, with C++ Builder following. Most components developed in Delphi can be used in C++Builder.

C++ is a difficult language, Delphi's language "Object Pascal" is a lot easier and cleaner.

Because of its strict typing rules and no need to learn how to use pointers, Delphi is easier to learn, develop in and maintain than C++.

Isn't C++ more powerful and faster than Delphi? No. Delphi compiles a lot faster than C++Builder while it generates the same size executables, because they both use the same optimisation technology.

Delphi has features to increase programmer productivity when building a database application. You can create a very complex database driven program with a few lines of code, if any. This is because of its data-aware controls that are available. You can create fully functional database programs with Delphi in minutes, not hours!

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