Delphi questions - Is Delphi right for me?

Posted by scanreg on March 10, 2009


I'm trying to figure out if Delphi is the right language/package to develop the stuff I would like to work on.

Here is a bunch of questions that I have. If anyone can answer one, a few, or all, I would be most grateful for sure.

Also, feel free to throw in any thoughts, etc., I need all the guidance I can get.

Okay, here goes:

1. What IDE should be used to develop Delphi-based programs? Are there any nice freeware versions that I can start with? For example, I've seen Turbo Delphi (htp:// but I also found Delphi7 Personal mentioned here on DelphLand (htp://

2. Can you really create first-class powerhouse commercial win programs?

3. For building commercial win programs, I've seen a number of features that I'd like to use in some of my stuff. For instance, can Delphi (using an IDE), do the following:

A) Create a full-power 30-day trial package?
B) Do auto-updates?
C) Create desktop icon during program installation?
D) ....and other stuff (will ask later if things look good so far)

4. How does Delphi relate to .NET stuff?

5. What if I want to build a database app? For instance, an app that stores lots of fields or even multiple large databases? Can my app actually build those databases for my end users, or must the end users create their own databases that my app then connects to? (Would be most cool if my app could build and control all the database stuff for the end users).

6. Why not just go with C++? For example, I found TurboC++ IDE, so I'm wondering what the difference is between Delphi and C++.

Well.....I've certainly asked lots of questions. and of course I have lots more.....but hopefully I haven't worn out anyone getting this far.

If you can help guide me in this, I would be eternally grateful. I have lots of programs in mind. It's just how I'm going to get there that is so challenging to sort out.

Thanks so much :-)

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