Re: Charts

Posted by Sandra on February 23, 2009

In Reply to Re: Charts posted by Peterhowes on February 23, 2009

: I have just been informed by that I can purchase TChart for Delphi4.0 for a mere $579. Perhaps I should not have changed from Delphi3.0!

Upgrade to Delphi 2007 (or higher), that's a lot cheaper. D2007 has the very nice "TeeChart" components.

If you want to stay with D4: there are cheap components for graphs, even free ones :)

Also, on my old Delphi 4 there are some components for graphs on the ActiveX tab of the component palette: TChartfx, TVtChart, TGraph, but I don't remember if they were there initially of I installed them myself. A pity of course that there's no Help included for these, but maybe that can be found on the Net, and otherwise experiment a lot ;)

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