Where do I start with Delphi?

Posted by Mario Figueiredo on January 22, 2009


I've started yesterday the evaluation period of Delphi 2009. But I'm having trouble defining even a rough roadmap for my apprenticeship process. I'm an experienced C++ programmer, but completely new to Delphi. So two questions I ask of you, if you would be so kind...

1. Searching for books on the matter reveals there's no Delphi 2009 specific material. What do you advise as good alternatives? Delphi 2007? Has the language evolve much? Can I count on a book from, say, Delphi 7 to deliver all the necessary information?

2. Finding active and vibrant communities on the web is revealing itself to not be as easy as I first thought. Many communities are small with low traffic and many posts with 0 replies. On the usenet, Borland official groups generate very ow traffic and alt.comp and comp.lang delphi related groups suffer from the same. What communities would you advise me?

I'm thinking choosing Delphi as my tool for future development, as I'm abandoning the programming career and all future development will be in the context of home-made free and shareware software. I cannot afford the long development cycles of C++ and Delphi strikes me as the perfect RAD solution for Win32 and .Net development. Please, do help me get my bearings in this initial stage. I can take care of the rest :)

Best Regards,
Mario Figueiredo

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