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Posted by Harry D. P16510 on December 17, 2008

In Reply to running a code from within console application posted by asaad on December 16, 2008

: Dear Sir/Madam
: I wonder if you help solving my problem. Technical support at my school do not allow students to run exe files over our Microsft Windows 2003 netork platform. Students are required to write their source code using Console Application and run it from with Delphi without having to generate exe files. Technical support claim that delphi is not truley an IDE application since students won't be able to do the above without Delphi generate exe files. Is there any way where students can write their own sourse code then run it with Delphi witout having to generate exe files. I will be grateful if you advice me of how to configure Turbo Delphi 2006 so that pupils can run their source code without having to generate exe files, i.e run it online with Delphi environment.

You can not run Delphi code without generating an EXE file. That's because Delphi is not an interpreter, it is a compiler and linker.

Compiling into DCU files and next linking to an EXE file is done automatically by the IDE. The EXE file is always written to a storage device, for example a hard disk, floppy, etc...

You can not configure Turbo Delphi 2006 nor any other version for "not generating exe files".
But since I assume that the workstations of your network are Windows PC's, why not put the Delphi projects on the local hard disks? In that case, you're not running them "over the network".

Or why not put the projects on an external memory device, for example an USB disk drive or a memory stick? (a floppy is much to slow).

Or maybe use a RAM disk for the development, and later copy the EXE file to an external removable storage (USB disk, floppy, memory stick)?

Can you please let us know if and how it worked?

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