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Posted by Kelly Sanders P16701 on August 30, 2008

In Reply to Delphi StringGrid posted by Aulia Setiawan on August 30, 2008

: Deat All,
: I have a problem with StringGrid. How to move the pointer from row to row, when I pressed ENTER BUTTON
: Best Regards
: Aulia Setiawan

The Delphi StringGrid goes to the next row, when you press KEY DOWN. So you have to replace an ENTER key with a KEY DOWN key, when a key is pressed and the stringgrid has focus.

So you have to set up an event handler for KeyPress, check if the key pressed was ENTER, if yes: simulate an "arrow down" key press.

If this answer doesn't help you, reply me in the DelphiLand forum and I'll post some more detailed stuff :)

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