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Posted by DosMan on August 26, 2008

In Reply to Command Prompt Commands in Delphi posted by 5qu1nt on August 11, 2008

: Hello, is it possible to run command prompt commands, on another PC on my network from my PC. I want to do this through a TURBO Delphi program written by me, I am just not sure of the code I need to use... or if its possible.
: regards :)

Long ago, in the days of MS-DOS and later when Windows was still a "shell" around upon MS-DOS, it was a common practice to run "command line programs" (DOS commands). But even now, via Windows you can give commands at the "command prompt" and run MS-DOS based program like DIR, COPY,... You can also add optional PARAMETERS after the command, such as:
DIR *.TXT (displays a listing of all .TXT files in the current directory).

To issue such a command, first you click "Command Prompt" in Windows' Start Menu.
Or you can select RUN... in Windows' Start Menu, and next you type:
followed by [ENTER] (press the ENTER key on your keyboard).

This opens a "console" window, where you can type DOS-commands, each time followed by [ENTER]. Later on, you can close that window by typing EXIT and pressing [ENTER].

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