Re: Can a TListBox scroll horizontally too?

Posted by Bobp12404 on August 16, 2008

In Reply to Can a TListBox scroll horizontally too? posted by Lee P12462 on August 16, 2008

: I have a form with two TListBox's; one on the left and one on the right. There is a list of names dynamically loaded into the left box and then the user selects which ones need to be moved to the right box.
: Problem is, some names are longer than the box is wide and I can't make the box wider because of real estate width on the form/screen.
: The TListBox does what I want/need except I haven't found how to make it scroll horizontally.
: If it can't, what is the next best thing?
: I looked at ScrollBox but it didn't seem to do what I want/need.

Lee, what version of Delphi are you using? Do you see a 'SCROLLWIDTH property' for your listbox in the Object Inspector?

Anyways, I found this:

#10: How can I add the horizontal scrollbar into listbox?


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