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Posted by Harry D. P16510 on August 07, 2008

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: : Is it possible to center text in the cells of a Delphi TStringGrid component? If yes, how to program this, for example only for the second column of the grid?
: In the OnDrawCell event handler, we set the text-alignment of the stringgrid's canvas with the Windows API function SetTextAlign(CanvasHandle, AlignmentMode). The return value of this function is the previous text-alignment setting; we save it temporarily.
: Next, we write the contents of the cell with Canvas.TextRect(Rect, X, Y, S). Any portions of the string S that fall outside the rectangle passed in the Rect parameter are clipped. The upper left corner of the text is placed at the point (X, Y).
: Finally, we reset the text-alignment to the saved value.
: Here's a Delphi source code example:
: ...

Thanks for the source code, helped me a lot!


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