Re: convert Pascal to Delphi

Posted by Albert C p16043 on July 27, 2008

In Reply to Re: convert Pascal to Delphi posted by p12619 on July 03, 2008

: I have got a copy of Delphi 7 which is what I intended to use and I can build the 'pretty' interface in the Delphi
: the original is a DOS version and will run in a dos window without the print routines.
: I have no idea what version/type of pascal it is a it hasjust been handed to me in a roundbout way with the intention of bringing it into the 21st century and I thought I could rewrite it in VB but the way the program works using arrays doesn't lend itself to VB
: I have ordered some litrature on the Delphi programming language to try and get a bit further
: but i would appreciate any pointers

: Regards Rob

I found some interesting articles and conversion tips Turbo Pascal/ Borland Pascal/ Delphi, at the "Borland Delphi Programming" webpages of Dr. Stockton:


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