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Posted by Fred Green p15901 on July 08, 2008

In Reply to Localize MonthCalendar posted by Hassan on July 04, 2008

: Hello Everybody,
: On a form ,I have one TMonthCalendar, One TMainMewnu.
: Changing the Language in Menu (English,French,Spanich ...Etc.) I would like to see names of months, Days in the Calendar, changed in the Language i choosed.
: Thanks


Alas, you can not change the names of months and days of the Delphi TMonthCalendar component under program control. Delphi shows the names of months and days as it gets them from the Windows Operating System.

These names are shown in the language of the Windows "system locale"; e.g. if Windows is set up for English, the names shown in all calendar components are the english names.

If you want to program the names yourself, you have to use a customized calendar component: third party, or program it yourself...

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