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Posted by p12619 on July 03, 2008

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: : Hi all
: : I have a program that runs like Dos which I believe was written in Pascal many years ago which I would like to bring up to date and look pretty!!
: : I normally do my programming in Visual Basic so can find my way around a programming language but understand Delphi is more like a form of Visual Pascal (I may be wrong)which would lend itself to the conversion better than VB.
: : Does anyone know of a list of equivalent commands converting Pascal to Delphi that would give me a head start.
: : Many thanks
: : Rob
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: Delphi is better suited for this conversion than VB, because Delphi code is written in Borland's "Object Pascal".

: Which version/type of Pascal is it, and from which company? If it's Borland, a lot of Pascal statements are also understood by Delphi.

: The old Pascal versions don't know about windows, so you'll have to rewrite most "displaying" routines to show results in a Delphi "form" (a window). Or maybe you only want text input and text results as console output in in a "DOS-window"?

: If you give me some feedback, I'll see what we can do ;)

: Greetings, Albert


Many thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay in replying

I have got a copy of Delphi 7 which is what I intended to use and I can build the 'pretty' interface in the Delphi
the original is a DOS version and will run in a dos window without the print routines.
I have no idea what version/type of pascal it is a it hasjust been handed to me in a roundbout way with the intention of bringing it into the 21st century and I thought I could rewrite it in VB but the way the program works using arrays doesn't lend itself to VB
I have ordered some litrature on the Delphi programming language to try and get a bit further
but i would appreciate any pointers

Regards Rob

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