Re: Saving debug info across Delphi invocations

Posted by webmaster Guido on May 15, 2008

In Reply to Saving debug info (Watch points) across Delphi invocations posted by Lee P12462 on May 12, 2008

: Is there a way to like "export" break and/or watch points so that you can "import" them during a future Delphi session (only minutes after they were previously exported)?

The Delphi debug info such as break- and watch points is automatically saved when you save the project in the IDE, and also automatically restored whenever reopening a project. So you don't have to explicitly export/import these. However, in the IDE the "Autosave" option "Project desktop" has to be set (menu: Tools: Options: Environment Options).

In all versions of Delphi, these debug settings are saved in the file Projectname.DSK; that's a text file, you view its contents with any text editor.

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