Installing JVCL (Jedi Visual Component Library)

Posted by webmaster Guido on April 03, 2008

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: Okay. I downloaded the JEDI JCL files, then did the "install.bat" for Delphi 2007. It claimed to work.

: Next, I went to the JVCL\Examples and tried to open the Jvrichedit project. Delphi complained about missing components.

: What am I doing incorrectly? I have never tried adding components to Delphi before this!

I was curious to find out if the JVCL worked also well with Delphi 7 Personal. All went well, and the examples run (except of course the database examples, because this free version of Delphi doesn't have the database components). For Turbo Delphi or Delphi 2007, the installation is very similar. Below I'll describe the steps.

Attention: it can be tricky if not done correctly: you have to use the included install BAT-programs (batch files) as instructed, because manually installing the packages is in most cases NOT going to work (as I found out myself...)

*** NOTE: the Delphi IDE can not be running during this installation ***

1. Unzip to "..\Delphi7\Source\" which results in "..\Delphi7\Source\jcl\" and "..\Delphi7\Source\jvcl\"
If you unzip to another directory of your choice, then change the paths in the text below accordingly.

2. If Delphi is running, stop it. Delphi IDE can not be running.

3. Launch "..\Delphi7\Source\jcl\install.bat"
This builds the install program JediInstaller.exe, then it launches it.
Note: if the installer is not launched automatically after the building, then look up JediInstaller.exe in "..\Delphi7\Source\jcl\bin" and start it yourself by double clicking.

4. When the JCL installer has finished, have a look at file "..\Delphi7\Source\jcl\bin\Delphi 7.log". It should carry the date/time stamp of "now", i.e. the moment that you installed the JCL. You can browse the file with a text editor to check if it doesn't contain error messages.

5. Next, launch "..\Delphi7\Source\jvcl\install.bat"
(That's probably the step that you omitted)
This builds the install program JVCLInstall.exe, then it launches it. If it doesn't launch automatically after the building, then look up JVCLInstall.exe in "..\Delphi7\Source\jvcl\bin" and start it by double clicking.

There are some options and instructions in the installation program; finally, it will install all the packages for you.

6. When all is done, start Delphi and admire your new components on the palette ;)

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