Re: printing a RichEdit box

Posted by webmaster Guido on March 21, 2008

In Reply to Re: printing a RichEdit box posted by RussCAp12602 on March 21, 2008

: Wow! Thanks for the code! Where might the inquisitive find actual documentation on such things? It does not seem to be available anywhere on line that I have found so far..

The on line documentation on "such things" is very fragmented over many Help files and websites, FAQs, HowTo's,.... But because DelphiLand's Team Members have been using Delphi for professional projects since day one (D1,... D7, D2006,...) we 've gathered a large database of links and source code examples :) -- some of it in computer files, but a lot of it in our heads.

So, just ask DelphiLand and we'll consult our giant database :)

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