Re: What is an ActiveX EXE?

Posted by webmaster Guido on February 18, 2008

In Reply to What is an ActiveX EXE? posted by Fred Green p15901 on February 18, 2008

: I never heard about "ActiveX EXE", is it similar to an "ActiveX DLL"? When do I have to use it in my Delphi application?

If you're not into VB stuff (Visual Basic), then you'd better forget about these obscure components -- "ActiveX EXE" is only for a very limited audience. Sorry, hope I'm not offending the VB people... ;)

Anyways... an ActiveX EXE is a component built in VB. It is an EXE file that acts as an "OLE automation server". Just like an ActiveX DLL, it has classes that can be used by other applications.

You use an ActiveX EXE instead of an ActiveX DLL if you want to run it on a different computer than the main program (an ActiveX DLL must run on the same computer as the main program).

Anyways (bis), if you're a Delphi programmer and if you have the source code of the "ActiveX EXE" available, it's easier to rewrite it for Delphi :)

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