Re: Simulate click on button of HTML-form in TWebBrowser

Posted by hardstyle on January 08, 2008

In Reply to Simulate click on button of HTML-form in TWebBrowser posted by Johan 14205 on January 03, 2008

: [...code]
: Please let me know your results, if not OK then I can try to improve it :)
: Good luck!
: Johan


Thanks for the reply.

I am using something simliar to the code that you have supplied already in another part of my program. I have found a work around although it is not prefect.

The major problem was that the main thread stopped processing when the modal dialog box popped up. So I put a timer on the form with code that grabs the handle of the box - Handle:=findwindow('#32770', 'Microsoft Internet Explorer'); where 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' is the title of the dialog box. As the timer is working independantly of the main thread, I could then clear the modal dialog box by using the command - enddialog(Handle, 1);

This seems to be working for the time.

Thanks for your input.

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