Re: Webbrowser and modal dialog boxes

Posted by Johan 14205 on December 31, 2007

In Reply to Webbrowser and modal dialog boxes posted by Hard Style on December 29, 2007

: Hi, I'm using TWebbrowser to access a intranet site so I can automate a web application. My problem is that after entering in some data and activating the submit button, the app then displays a confirmation modal dialog box asking if I want to continue, to which the possible answers are Yes or No. Of course my Delphi app halts until the dialog box has been closed. I am unable to make any change to the way the web app functions. My quesiton is, how am I able to control this dialog box and select Yes when my program is effectively halt due to the modal dialog box?

1. Is the confirmation dialog box displayed in the TWebbrowser, i.e. is it a web page that contains a form?
2. Do you have to enter the text "yes" or "no", followed by clicking a submit button? Or: do you simply have to click button YES or button NO?

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