Re: detect BDE for delphi database program

Posted by John, DelphiLand Team on December 10, 2007

In Reply to detect BDE for delphi database program posted by Newb on December 08, 2007

: I've written a program with DBF tables and database components (in Turbo Delphi Explorer).
: On my computer it runs OK, but probably it will not run on another computer without the
: Borland Database Engine?
: How can I check from my program if the BDE is installed on the other computer?

As you remarked, programs that make use of the BDE only run on a computer with the BDE installed.
Here is a very simple source code example to test this:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  BDEInstalled: Boolean;
  BDEInstalled := (dbiInit(nil) = 0);
  if BDEInstalled then
    ShowMessage('The BDE is installed')
    ShowMessage('The BDE is NOT installed');

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