Re: Getting Web Files NOT from cache

Posted by Johan on November 03, 2007

In Reply to Getting Web Files posted by Peter Howes on October 31, 2007

: ...the following code to download a web page. Once downloaded I parse the page to extract the information I need. This process is performed every 20 seconds. However after the first download the data within the page does not change even though it may have changed on the web site. So it would appear that my routine is accessing a (local) copy of the page as opposed to the web page itself. Is there any way around this? Thanks.
: [Code: see previous message]

Instead of...

  hURL := InternetOpenURL(hSession,PChar(fileURL), nil,0,0,0);

use this:

  hURL := InternetOpenUrl(hSession,PChar(FileUrl),nil,0,INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD,0);

Good luck!

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