Re: Modify existing component template

Posted by John, DelphiLand Team on September 21, 2007

In Reply to Modify existing component template posted by Willy P15898 on September 20, 2007

: How can I modify (edit) an existing Delphi component template? Would be nice to know before investing too much effort in building a library :)

Editing an existing Delphi component template is possible, follow these steps:

1. Start a new Delphi project.

2. In Delphi's Component Palette, select the page of the component template, next select the desired component template.

3. Click somewhere on the blank form of your application: the component(s) wil be dropped onto the form.

4. In the Unit source code, change the code as desired.

5. Save the component template under the same name and on the same page, as it was originally.


- Under D2006 or under Turbo Delphi, you will receive a dialog box, asking if you want to replace the existing Component Template. Answer "Yes".

- Under D7 or under a lower version, delete the old component template before you save the modified one. Otherwise, you will receive an error message telling you that "A component with this name already exists".